Foshan Huijiang Concrete Co., Ltd.

About Huijiang

In August 1973, the predecessor of Huijiang Group, Nanhai Pingzhou Cement Factory, was formally established along the beautiful Dongping Waterway.

"High quality and high technology" is the consistent genetic code of Huijiang Group --

In the early years of reform and opening up, the company has been honored as the "High-quality Township Cement Enterprise in the Province", "The Township Enterprise with National Best Economic Benefit ", and won "The Provincial Cement Industry Quality Excellence Award", "Guangdong Provincial Quality Product Award", "Quality Product Award of Ministry of Agriculture" and other honorary titles for many times.

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Huijiang Ecology
Huijiang people actively explore and dare to take their responsibility. The "concrete production and construction integration" model and one -stop service from the production site to the construction site, simplify coordination, clarify responsibilities, and successfully solve the problems caused by coordination and operation during concrete construction through "relationship reconstruction".

Huijiang Group started with a long footstep, and today is thousands of miles; it begins with a small stream and finally merges into a river. Gather the wisdom and strengths of the crowd to become the "forerunner" of the city and the "founder" of the building

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